Thursday, 6 November 2014

John O'Groat's to Land's End - Day 2

188 miles from John O'Groats
Lots of miles to Land's End...

I take it all back - the sun does exist in Scotland!

Loch Oich

But does the sun do anything?

Despite the great weather, the BBC reported the UV index along my route today as 1. The following chart plots the average UV index from the Stirling weather centre (central Scotland) over the last 2 years.

Even in the summer peaks, the average doesn't even get above 0.6!

The following gives you an idea of how much sun you need at different UV levels:

McKenzie et al; Balancing Risks and Benefits of UV radiation; Water and Atmosphere 17(1) 2009

The value of "1" equates to getting 1000 IU of Vit D. Given that ProfG is actually recommending 5000 IU per day, it looks like if I did my 5 hour cycle today in nothing but speedos, I might have just got enough... (I'll probably stick to the supplements)

The reasons why this might be important for MS have been discussed frequently in other posts on this blog.

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