Thursday, 13 November 2014


Had a laugh today about a paper in the guardian (Link), where scientist forgot to remove a note from the paper. 
It was not picked up during editing and publishing such that it was said "should we cite the crappy....paper". This happens and reminds me once our response to the referees comments was published in error as supplementary data...we were lucky that we had decided not to slag off someones work by name in this response. We had it removed within the day of publishing but it was a funny situation.


  1. Now has one of the highest AltMetric scores of all time.

  2. Yep it seems that facebook posts and twitter posts are a unit of assessment in the metric mad world of academia...maybe we should put a few kn*b jokes in our next paper and see if it goes viral.

    1. Good idea. Maybe we can co-opt Dapper Laughs as a co-author too.

    2. Beats having Gandalph the Dog as a co-author..


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