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So in our drug discovery pathway,we carry on the science doing the things we can. 

Sometime you have to contact your scientific mates to ask them for their help where you can't do it yourself or there is no CRO. Sometimes you just go to people you don't know because they are world experts and you ask for their help.

This is one advantage for academics doing such research. 
They can collaborate with other people. Pharma would need to shell out serious bucks when they ask academics for help.

The name of the game is generally getting a joint science paper rather than making money. 
If a scientist starts out thinking they are going to get rich 
from being an academic entrepreneur, they may be in for shock.
Especially when VC enter the fray.

This approach has been instrumental in working out how our drug works

CoI We are founders of  Canbex a university spin-out