Time to Change..Time to Repurpose

In the wake of the Fall Out of the apparent failure of the INFORMS trial, it is clear that to push forward the chances of getting treatments to progressive MSers most quickly, we need to REPURPOSE and repurpose fast. Repurposing has started and maybe one or more drugs will succeed in trials but then what.

It is imperative that we get our politicians to create the environment such that these agents can be fast-tracked through the system in an economically-sound way and not held at a impasse of no further development following a successful clinical trial.

Gilenya had a 4-5 year patent life and had this worked in the INFORMS trial, within this time both RRMS and PP/SPMS would be lost to pharma, as a cheap alternative to their expensive stuff would arrive.

Academic Neuros can do clinical trials but they have yet to develop any MS drugs...Pharma do this. Without a change in the system this is unlikely to change....

However it is Time to Change, but it needs You to Mobilise to lobby for that change.We should encourage pharma to repurpose the academic way.

CoI. We could all benefit if this is done