There are stem cells and stem cells

The media have us thinking that stem cells are the answer to MS.
This maybe the case but we have to ask what is the question?

To many MSers stem cells are going to repair the damage from MS. To some this means to some re-growth of nerves to others repair of the damaged myelin or both.

But to many MSers they are not thinking that this means repair of the immune system. However, this is what Haematoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is.

This is the most extreme form of immunosuppression and carries significant risks and is therefore generally only offered to people failing other treatments.

The idea is to produced blood stem cells and drugs are used for this. 

You the kill off the individuals immune system with drugs and so destroy the MS causing cells.

Then you transplant the stem cells and they create new white blood cells and the aim is that when they replace a new immune system that no longer causes MS. They do not aim to make new myelin or grow nerves .