Saturday, 28 February 2015

CrowdSpeak: we need a new name for the Charcot 2 trial

How are your creative skills? Can you come up with a better name than HEART? #CrowdSpeak #MSBlog #MSResearch

"Since launching our crowdsourcing project and proposing the anti-EBV/HAART study we have a few complaints about the acronym HEART. Can you come-up with something better? Something more catchy?"

"Our survey remains open and we have expanded the number of questions to include a suggestion for a new name."

"This remains a community project so please feel free to comment. Thank you."

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  1. cHarcot anti-Ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy Trial (HEART TRIAL)
    CHarcot anti-ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy Trial (CHART TRIAL)
    CHarcot anti-Ebv and Anti-Retroviral therapy Trial (CHEARS TRIAL)
    CHarcot anti-Ebv and anti-Retroviral therapy Trial (CHEERY TRIAL)
    CHarcot anti-ebv and ANti-retroviral Therapy Trial (CHANT TRIAL)
    Anti-ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy in mS Trial (ARTS TRIAL)
    Barts Anti-ebv and Anti-Retroviral Therapy in mS Trial (BARTS TRIAL)
    Barts anti-Ebv and Anti-retroviral Therapy in MS Trial (BEAT-MS TRIAL)

    1. BEAT-MS dingdingding

      winner right there?

  2. CHANTER trial: CHarcot ANTi Ebv & Retroviral therapy trial

    Google tells me CHANTER means Sing in French

    1. I like this one best, but CHART from Anon at 12.09pm is pretty good too.
      Not keen on HEART - makes the trial sound like it's to do with heart health problems.
      Nothing wrong with being optimistic but to actually BEAT-MS is the ultimate goal, and if the trial doesn't produce a result that does beat MS there will be endless jokes and wordplay used against it.

  3. I like HEART, it goes with HAART.

  4. How About
    Charcot 2 trial

    Everybody is already familiar with the "Charcot trial" and waiting for the results. So why change the name?

    1. Yes, i agree, Charcot 2 trial sounds most academic - it implies that it's scientific (it should be), it honours the first neuro who discovered MS and the viral link (I think we should pay our dues to our forefathers) and most importantly the name shows that important work had already been done since it's a sequel.

      NOT Heart trial - c'mon we're not at Disneyland.

    2. how about the GOLD trial? let's face it, if this works prof gold is going to get a nobel prize

    3. Hi guys, I'd like to nominate prof gold for the Ralph I. Straus Award. that ok?

  5. Charcot 2: The Sequel. This time we mean business.

    I think that's got legs.


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