The Neuro Challenge...Can you deliver something useful without Pharma

You said "Neuros need to be more proactive in the area of repurposing drugs. Pharma seems content with their control of the pipe line".

You like to tease TeamG with these comments, so I decided to put out the comment to challenge our neuro readers, who don't read the comments 

Are neuros willing to rock the Pharma boat and do something? 
or are they happy to enjoy the status quo and do nothing?

Importantly, we have to ask, Do neuros have the tools to rock the boat even if they wanted to?

As we have said before there is are two ways to repurposing:
The Pharma way  (This works and is the route to most drugs)
The Academic Way (Yet to deliver anything but false dawns)

At ECTRIMS we had a debate and vote on this. Academics won the argument and the majority of the hall were I think deluding themselves to think that neuros can deliver drugs without pharma. 

Where is the evidence in modern history in MS? 

Sure Neuros can do trials and do them very well, but then what?
Shout about it an hope that every one will listen and change will occur.   But what if the regulators don't listen? Can we bully them until they do?

We are doing a lot of trials, so we have to think of a serious answer.