Thursday, 5 March 2015

People Strictly-Vote Trishna

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If you only come here for the Research News, you cam skip this piece on Peoples Strictly. 

There is no point in being a Troll or a Grumpy negative comments are not going to be posted!

Whilst all the contestants deserve heaps of praise, lets get behind Trishna.

Trishna contributes to TeamG activities including being one of our Expert MSers, who is embedded in our teaching, clinical and research activities. She also runs Asian MS, which is associated with the MS Society. 
          Trisha, Prof B, Trishna's little sis and mum and AljaĆŸ 

Yesterday we got to meet Trishna and as I am away I have yet to see the show. Did ProfG make the cut, they spent a morning filming and hope the BEEB did not show ProfB doing an impression of Brian Cox (BBC science presenter)....but it is a Comic relief thing after all:-).

Six inspirational but everyday heroes and heroines have been confirmed to take part in BBC One’s The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief and fulfil every Strictly fan’s dream.

The Today's episode will follow the training and preparation as they get ready for their ballroom debut in front of the nation.

Episode four (11th March) will see all six contestants compete on the famous Strictly Come Dancing ballroom, as they vie for the judges’ scores and viewers’ votes. The judges’ scores will be for guidance only, and the public will have the deciding vote.
Voting lines will open once all couples have danced and the winner of the public vote will then be crowned The People’s Strictly champion as part of the live Comic Relief show on BBC One on Friday 13 March 2015.

You can watch starting Today BBC1 (British Broadcasting Corporation) at 21.00.

I am sure you are all aware of the fatigue that many MSers get. Also let's not forget Uhthoff phenomenon, which is the worsening of symptoms, when the body gets overheated. With an increased body temperature, nerve impulses are either blocked or slowed down in a damaged nerve, but once the body temperature is normalized, signs and symptoms may disappear.


  1. Prof G did make the cut. I'm guessing if he spent a morning filming he said more than the doom and gloom worst case scenario snippet that made it on to TV though! (About 10 mins in for anyone else interested)

    I thought Trishna was fantastic and I wish her all the best in the competition. The shot of her snoozing on the sofa in the evening was very familiar to me so I hope the fatigue stays away for her.

  2. Replies
    1. Shame MD's Mum would have been proud. :-(

    2. g looked like a joker in the lab..when was the last time he did any lab work?

    3. A long time ago but he certainly ain't no joker (or smoker or midnight toker).

    4. Let's face it md you are the face for radio

    5. Aw, I was looking forward to the Brian Cox impersonation! ;-)

    6. "Let's face it md you are the face for radio"


    7. Lets face it......

      Yep killed the radio commenters killed the dream......:-0

    8. In the background of today's show:-)

  3. Blimey, footage of Prof G in the lab! The first and only time I've seen that here!!


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