Bad Pharma Its Not All bad but still trying to hide stuff?

There is a move to try and get all trials registered with an undertaking to make the trial data public, so the data can be re-analysed and failed trials will be published so prevent others following in the foot steps. In the UK it seems that a contract research organisation has made a legal challenge against this action according to Newspapers.
The Health Research Authority (HRA) is a UK body set up to protect and promote the interests of patients and the public in health research in the UK. It has been working to make clinical trials more transparent: In September 2013 the HRA made registration of a clinical trial a condition of approval to run that trial and in April this year they started asking researchers applying to run a clinical trial to declare that all past clinical trials they ran have been registered.

However it has to be said that some companies have embraced this, and do make their trial data available, so they are not all bad apples.

How quick should we expect that data to be released, it takes time to get papers published.

What do you do with thousands of pages of trial data?..Should you publish stuff that hasn't been published from the data or is that bad form?