Monday, 25 May 2015

Has the Mouse been Muzzled

You said "Recent posts have been rather uninspiring - I know you can only post what is being published. I'm guessing Welsh mouse has been muzzled which is a shame".

Wonder why you may think that:-)

Yep we post on what is published


  1. Welsh mouse has gone very quiet. For a brief time his excitement and willingness to blab raised my hope. I hope he is well. COME BACK GARETH. If anyone comes across a welsh scientist sitting in the corner of a back street pub in Cardiff, leave him a pound and report the siting to the RSFMMSS (Royal Society for Muzzled MS Scientists) or the LACTOWR (League Against Cruelty To Old Welsh Researchers).

    1. Blab and get harangued is not high on our agenda once bitten.....

      However, I expect you will hear his dulcet tones soon

    2. Still here folks and still unmuzzled, though a bit befuddled.

    3. While your here
      What's your opinion on heavy metal poiaoning being a cause or issue for patients?

    4. There is a post somewhere on blog about this, we can put it with smoking, vit D and cats.

    5. Heavy Metal has done me nothing but good ;-)

    6. led poisoning; zeppelin that is.

    7. The classification of the Zep as Metal is contentious ;-)


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