Monetising the blog

Should we change the blog? #MSBlog #MSResearch 

"Last week I was contacted by a healthcare services company asking me if we had ever considered allowing sponsored posts on our blog. They proposed us using a format similar to Google's for sponsored search links. They are representing a client who is interested in using our blog to disseminate information. Their proposal was for us to identify sponsored posts with a disclaimer and with a different colour to allow the reader to know that the posts were sponsored and by whom."

"We have always wanted our blog to be organic and free of commercial bias. On the other hand we could do with resource to support the blog. In particular, we want to employ a blog administrator to help curate the site and to expand our guest blogging programme; simply inviting guest posters and collating all their information, i.e. their mugshots, biographical sketches and disclosures, takes time and needs resource."

"We have said no, but I wanted to test your opinion on whether or not we should consider changing our model to allow the blog to evolve. Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated."

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