MS Frontiers 2015

Are you coming to the MS Frontiers Meeting at Heathrow tomorrow? #MSBlog #MSResearch

"The following is the programme for the biennial MS Frontiers meeting. One person in Barts-MS complained to me the programme lacks energy and is simply 'the same-old' people on the platform. This person wants 'youth' and 'new ideas'. The primary purpose of this meeting is bring together researchers in the UK who are funded by the MS Society to present their work. I haven't analysed the programme in detail, but this is its aim. Someone else raised the question about whether or not there is a correlation between the number of presentations/abstracts of the various UK research groups, at the Frontiers meeting, and their MS Society grant spend? I can't answer this question as I don't have the relevant data at my fingertips; maybe someone from the MS Society could do this for us and present it at the meeting? The level of engagement with this meeting should be high, after all this meeting is being held to showcase the MS Society's investment in MS Research."

"I am going to try something new at this meeting and broadcast/record my talks as a Google Hangout for you to view asynchronously. We will also keep you updated using the following Twitter hashtag #MSFrontiers."

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