Not monetising the blog

We are not going to monetise the blog #MSBlog #MSResearch 

"Thank you for your swift response and wise counsel. It is good to see that we are like minded."

"I will feedback the results of the survey to the healthcare services company who asked me if we had ever considered allowing sponsored posts on our blog. They had proposed us using a format similar to Google's for sponsored search links."

"We want our blog to be organic and free of commercial bias. On the other hand we need resource to support the blog. In particular, we need to employ a blog administrator to help curate the site and to expand our guest blogging programme; the editorial process of inviting guest posters and collating all their information, i.e. their mugshots, biographical sketches and disclosures, takes time."

"Further suggestions on how we can evolve the blog would  be welcome. I have left the poll open if you didn't get to vote on the issue yesterday."

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