MS.What's in a Name

#MSresearch visit to have your say on have to you want to be described. Please retweet

We recently asked how they would prefer to be referred to in academic outputs and in the social media.

We know that people don't like to be labelled, but this does indeed happen and we appreciate that you are not all happy with the choices but they are: Client; MSer; Person with MS; Patient; and Sufferer

The MS Register did a fantastic job and please consider signing up to this registry, but this was only open to people within the UK.

However, you said you would like to have an input, but you are not from the UK. 

We said we would write to NARCOMS in the USA, as they too have a Registry and they have also agreed to run the survey for two weeks from 6th July-13th July.

Please visit the NARCOMS site (CLICK HERE) and make a contribution, and if new why not sign up to NARCOMS.

You will see a request to complete a 2-question online survey about preferred descriptors for someone with MS.

Thanking you for your input. 

For the people who have commented thank you but I have turned off comments until after the vote when we can have a discussion.