Wednesday, 28 October 2015

MD I don't understand your graphics

Sometimes you are not supposed to.... yet
However they make sense if you know what they are saying

Picture of the left (below) used in

                               Alternative Coat of Arms of the ABN?

You asked "Do you write puzzles" for those of you who have been visiting the blog for some time, can you remember this picture from brain training done some time ago?

I wonder if Tony Fonda (Blogger) remembers saying:

'Moqtada Sadr was having Fish for dinner when he read in the Newspaper that Jimmy Carter (White man's Caricature) had plans with the Saudis (Bearded guy to the left) so Sadr had an Idea (Light Bulb) to raise Cash (Coins) and create a para-military movement.'
How can you not remember that? Did you remember the story? 

        Actually the guy on the left is a Vasilis Vasilopoulos 
      (one time nemesis of TeamG) so now it all makes sense:-).


  1. LOL... The coat of arms is hilarious. In as far as US politics go, its a "MesS" and exacerbation's fundamental to its core dysfunction. Not pharma nor neurologist nor researcher can help this case load. Its more a region of gastroenterologists, urologists and well paid and educated culinary chef's.

  2. MD - I do and remain a big fan :)

    Loving the anecdotes as well!

    Thanks again for everything guys. Despite the fact that I disagree with some of the activism, populism and pharma bashing on this site, I can't thank you enough for all the probono work you are doing here.

    Hope is arguably the best sustainable placebo out there.

    Tony Fonda

  3. That's not Jimmy Carter, it is Ted Kennedy.

    1. Sure is. It just gets more confusing doesn't it?

    2. "...Jimmy Carter (White man's Caricature)..."

      No story, just correcting what Tony Fonda wrote.

  4. Rather than trying to understand your graphics, perhaps we need to understand you? What are some of your favourite characters on TV? Who would you be in Dilbert?

    1. Sound like whats you star sign? IG10 However as an alter ego I must be Keith Lemon but hes from Leeds. Bang

    2. Dibert i muzt be s ott adams the creator:-)

    3. Dibert i muzt be s ott adams the creator:-)

  5. have been out of the UK for a long time, am not sure that I understand the Keith Lemon thing.


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