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“I have just got back from the 23rd European Charcot Meeting, in Baveno, Italy. I was invited to present our ‘Brain Health – Time matters in MS’ policy document. My presentation was a bit rushed as I was expecting to have 30 minutes, but was told to cut it down to 15 minutes just before I presented. As promised, my slides are below for you to see and/or download. I received a lot of positive feedback about my presentation and the policy document. One neurologist from Canada will be using the policy document next week as part of a lobby in Canada to get more effective 2nd-line treatments available earlier for people with MS. A Dutch neurologist asked why the Netherlands were not more involved with this initiative; they can be all they need to do is sign-up and pledge their support. A Swiss neuroradiologist volunteered to help with the imaging, and MRI monitoring component, of the policy document. All these anecdotes are good news for me as it indicates that people are engaging with the initiative. I sincerely hope 'Brain Health in MS' as treatment concept evolves over the next 12-24 months into something much bigger. Our vision for the document is for it become a real change agent so that we actually ‘create a better future for people with MS and their families’.”

“If you haven’t pledged your support for the policies please do via our Brain Health website.”

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