Friday, 25 December 2015


We (DrK) have a project on trying to develop cladribine for people with MS as we believe that it has value as a DMT that is effective, relatively safe, convenient, CNS penetrant to target disease activity, and cost-effective (CLICK). 

ProfG led on this with Merck for the commercial product (Movectro) that was licenced in Australia and Russia in 2010

Since the cessation of commercial interest in 2011, DrK has been leading (as ProfG was conflicted due to his involvement with Merck) the exploration of whether generic cladribine can play a part in the treatment of MS. 

With re-newed interest in Movectro and a new Licence application to the EMA, development of generic cladribine for relapsing MS in Europe, became un-realistic (See the story below). 

However, their is still value in exploring generic cladribine.  Why develop Cladribine? (CLICK HERE).  

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Cladribine structure

Route of delivery oral v subcutaneoue are comparable

Ernest-beutler (1928-2008).html
Dr. Beutlerwas instrumental in the development of cladribine

CNS Action of Cladribine


Proposed trial design for people ,who are currently ignored

History of our attempts to develop a new treatment for Relapsing MS 2011-2015

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The percieved cancer risk with cladribine is probably no greater than for any other DMT