NewsSpeak: Festive Wishes

What is your MS wish this festive season? #NewsSpeak #MSBlog

"The holiday season is a time for reflection and quiet contemplation. As I spend so much of time doing MS I can't help not thinking about what I want to be doing next year in the field. The MS Society's prevention meeting has made me realise that we need to spend more time and resource on getting our prevention efforts off the ground next year. This will include educational efforts in relation to smoking as a risk factor in children and siblings of MSers and their extended family, helping kick-start a big data vitamin D prevention effort and a sharper focus on EBV and infectious mononucleosis as the potential cause of MS."

"I wish we can get an anti-EBV trial off the ground next; I wish the peer-reviewers' give us an easier time than we have had in the past. What are your MS wishes this festive season?"

"Here is wishing your a very happy and healthy festive season from the clinical and research teams at Barts-MS."

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