Friday, 25 December 2015

White Knight Diaries Published

Look what santa has left...a book

What have those posts really been about for the past 4 years...

Want to read the book & explain the Pictures (CLICK HERE


  1. It's not Harry Potter! I read the end first and won't bother with the rest. Better luck next year.

  2. Whew! This will take some time to digest

    Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting in all the effort

  3. A valiant effort. It seems to me your health care system is destined to fail because of "the grand bargain" G keeps talking about between pharma and government.

    But really all Pharma has been doing has been repurposing immunosuppressive drugs and there is no real innovation going on except the innovation to make money for Pharma.

    So if your government keeps abiding by the "grand bargain" and does not look at alternatives such as what the White Nights have tried to do, maybe it is inevitable that it will fail.

    1. Have to disagree. There is a TON of research into meds going on but mostly this is done by smaller biopharma. There are over 50 meds right now towards MS being researched. The model is one of smaller research testing against a variety of disorders. As efficacy is shown as the meds move towards phase III trials then Pharma steps in as Phase III as well as bringing a product to market costs BILLIONS. They risk billions and may make billions.

      I find it rather odd that folks get upset when other industries from auto's to gadgets jack folks a whole lot more. Your iPhone for example costs less than $50 a unit in production. Billions have gone into coding, marketing, distribution and more. Android phones, even cheaper. My Samsung Tablet is again less than $50 per unit to produce. TV's are even more interesting as from manf. to manf. most differences are in firmware. I have an LG 60" TV my brother turned into a Samsung that costs near 3x as much using a Linux PC and replacing its "software". So my $600 LG is now a $1499 Samsung.

      Or take Walmart, a 470 billion dollar company that does not make a thing. While a $5 DVD is a $5 DVD the cost of goods per DVD to Walmart is .35 per.

    2. I think the difference is there is no innovation going on in MS drug development. Pharmacy is just repurposing old immunosupressants because they know it will have an effect on the disease. It is a safe bet.

      The "grand bargain" is to allow pharma to charge ridiculous prices so that they have an incentive to develop novel drugs and eventually a cure. But since they can make huge amounts of money by tweaking existing immuno-suppressants so that they can be patented, why should they?

      Since this seems to be the case why should your health care system abide by the "grand bargain" instead of dispensing the original generic drugs such as what the white nights attempted to do?

      If Apple tried to sell a cellphone from the 1980's in today's market no-one would buy it, but they came up with a new innovative device that people want and is an advancement. This is the difference.

  4. This is very interesting although very depressing. Pharma have got it sewn up. Thank you for posting this and for all the work.

    Illegitimi non carborundum

  5. I think you're down but not out. Such a shame the MS Society aren't backing you - why aren't they?
    Thank you for all the work and time you put into it.

    1. Thanks, I’d agree with being down but not out. "No support" from the MS Society would be too harsh. Enthusiasm was perhaps a little underwhelming - that may change! We were aware all along we’re entering relatively new territory. We did expose some of the key hurdles (some might say: flaws) in the system along the way. We've shared most of our insights, which should be useful for other initiatives over and above our own. In retrospect the view is always clearer - we obviously didn't appreciate the difficulties well enough, and amend our plans accordingly, to succeed this time around. One could become cynic about it, however change doesn't happen overnight, particularly when the effect has the potential to send a shockwave across the industry. We’ll be back!

  6. At last! o_O

    I still don't understand why companies these days still perform none-blinded tests in the first place.

  7. Thank you for your persistence in pushing against resistance (whether deliberate or not) to find what works. So glad to hear that you'll be back ☺😀😐😄 Jill


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