Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Western World of MS

This is not a map of MS but it is not far off , but is a map of income
and you can see from that below, MS is highest in countries with the most income but what about the rest of the world that isn't blue (above) can they afford $50,000-$80,000 a year for MS treatment, wouldn't $500 be a bit more affordable. India has as many people with MS as the UK but only 2% of them have access to treatment. Look at other countries and this is the same.

Should we hope for the benevolence of western pharma. 

What would a cost-attainable therapy mean to the World of MS outside of North America/Europe/Australasia


  1. MS is highest in the countries with the most income. Is this due to wealthy countries being able to detect and diagnose MS as opposed to less wealthy countries that do not have the resources to perform MRI and lumbar puncture?

    1. I thought the same thing. In Brazil for example a person takes 04-05 years to have closed the diagnosis, pass through the hands of several experts to reach an expert neurologist in demyelinating diseases. That is why I support that treatment with injectable generic Cladribine is recognized as a viable treatment for the disease throughout the world.

    2. Lumbar puncture with a Quinke needle is about £0.30 however MS is a often a diagnosis of exclusio so it may be harder by western counties had more MS before the invention of MRI, but I take your point if you have access to an MRI machine it is so much easier.

  2. Yeah MD but many brazilians don't have health insurance and end up using the Unified Health System, SUS acronym in Portuguese. The SUS carries out the lumbar puncture (without atraumatic needles), but the SUS dosen't makes the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid. Then you have to do the analysis in a particular laboratory. The same thing happens with the tests of Magnetic Resonance, many expect about 02, 03 years in some of the great capitals of the country to get to the MR by SUS.
    So beyond that diagnosis factor of MS be "exclusive" engage other factors such as socio-economics, and this is very common throughout in South America, and should also be in other underdeveloped regions in the world...


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