So having discussed your comments with ProfG, DrK, NDG, we though the idea of having a gardening section was a good idea and it may relieve a bit of stress. So we will be developing this imminently. 

MD2, has been charged with being your regular Percy Thrower, so watch this space for his green fingered top tips. He'll be setting up "Compost Corner" for the papers where the results will never see the light of translatability.

MD will be going on gardening leave and will drop his posts to once a month.

There will be no more meta analysis of the week or EAE cure of the week and only posts on repair and neuroprotection and nerve growth will ever be mentioned....nothing on DMT.

He will stop being acerbic, get a hair cut and say only nice things about Neuros and Pharma:-(

Dr Franklinstein has agreed to create a regular feature  "Stemcells R us" on the latest developments from Cambridge & Edinburgh.

ProfG will restrict posts on DMT to once a fortnight and has lined up sponsorship from "Boots the Chemist" to get that administrator in place. He has also bought a pair of rose-tinted glasses that he will wear whenever he writes his posts. 

He has also set up a franchise so expect HarvardMSBlog, StanfordMSblog, ClevelandMSBlog sponsored by Biogen to appear on the web very soon. 

We will get a guest post on complementary medicine ever week; our next post under this heading will be on "Low Dose Naltrexone: the Science behind the Myth" by Prof Hans-Peter Hartung.

Then up we have Prof Muraro to present "NEDA on HSCT"  verses "Not-NEDA on Alemtuzumab".

Lastly we will only allow comments from signed up individuals; you will have to prove you exist (scanned ID document and utility bills). The new administrator will have the job or vetting individuals to make sure they exist. 

We will start tracking all IP addresses of commentators and have hired a private investigator to help track-down trolls. We will collect evidence and when we have sufficient material we will be pressing charges against the worst offenders.

Hope you like the changes.