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What does wellness mean to you? #AAN2016 #BrainHealth #MSBlog

"A key theme of the AAN 2016 was brain health and wellness. What does wellness mean to you? Can we define wellness and make it a therapeutic target in MS?"

"We at Barts-MS continue to promote the holistic management of MS and brain health is simply one way of framing this strategy in relation to MS. However, wellness goes beyond the brain and includes many other aspects of your life. I am increasingly buying into wellness as a therapeutic target and continue to challenge my colleagues to do so as well. Can you really tell your patients to go on diet and exercise when you are overweight yourself and don't exercise? One of my academic colleagues who is a very high profile oncologist continues to smoke, albeit secretively. How can this individual get on a public platform, which he does frequently, to promote non-smoking as a core cancer prevention strategy?"

"I am aware that wellness means different things to different people, which means if we make this a therapeutic target in MS we will truly have to personalise it. I want you to reflect on these issues so that we can discuss them over the next few weeks."

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