Friday, 1 April 2016

Heads Up. UCL Research Day

I recently posted that the Next UCLP Research Day or the 7th Barts Research Day. This was originally planned for 11th of June at Church House in London, which happens to be the Queen's birthday celebration (and England's first match in Euro 2016).  However, I am now told that the day has been changed to Saturday 18th of June, when I and others will be away!

So save the date for your diary... This is being organised by the Royal Free Hospital as part of UCLPartners, however as I am not here....maybe one way to drop the P from UCLP :-(

Once I hear more details I will let you know...


  1. But you're one of the speakers I look forward to the most MouseDoctor!? :(( Will any of TeamG be there for it?

  2. Replies
    1. As UCL/H give the impression that they don't seem to recognise the existence of any other groups other than their own, I doubt it'll happen.
      It's not a proper event without MD and Prof G IMO.

    2. Saw theProgramme Today it's still on


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