MeSpeak & BrainHealth: on getting older

What a failing joint is teaching me #WeAreStrongerThanMS #MeSpeak #BrainHealth

"I woke-up at 2 am this morning with a throbbing, toothache-type, pain in my right hip. I had to get-up and take 400 mg of Ibuprofen. On getting back into bed I realised that it was my birthday, I am older, I had just turned 52 and I am probably living through the gradual loss of function of my right hip. I did a 10 km run yesterday as part of my Brain Health 2016 challenge. I managed to get through the run okay, albeit on ibuprofen, and with quite a lot of initial pain. However, I paid a price for overdoing it; a sleepless night."

"As I lay awake this morning I reminisced about my younger days of training and running competitive track-and-field, cross-country and later road running. How, I long for those days again. I suspect what is happening to me with my hip, in particular my psychological reaction to its gradual decay, is what all MSers go through when they start to lose neurological function. I know you can't equate joint health with brain health, but my experience makes me a lot more aware of what my patients must be going through."

"Despite being older and losing some physical function there is still a lot to look forward to; if you don't believe me you need to watch the NMSS's 'We Are Stronger Than MS' campaign. The two 'Together We Are Stronger' videos brought more than a tear to my eye; truly inspiring. Watching these videos makes me realise I can live with a limp and the possibility of a joint replacement in the future. Who knows may be VR will allow me to run into my 90's? Who am I  to complain? I live a very privileged life, for which I am truly grateful."

"It is a pity that we take so much for granted; we only realise we do when we have lost it."

"If I could vote for awards for big ideas, great stories and wonderful production these two videos would get my vote. What do you think?"

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