Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Sex Hormones influence susceptibilty to MS

Pakpoor J, Wotton CJ, schmierer K, GiovannoniG, Goldacre MJ. Gender identity disorders and multiple sclerosis risk: A national record-linkage study Mult Scler. 2016. pii: 1352458515627205. [Epub ahead of print]
BACKGROUND: An altered balance of gonadal hormones in males with gender identity disorders (GIDs) may increase multiple sclerosis (MS) risk both inherently and secondary to treatment in undergoing male-to-female conversion.
OBJECTIVE:  We investigated any association between GIDs and MS through analysis of record-linked hospital statistics.
METHOD: Analysis of English Hospital Episode Statistics, 1999-2012.
RESULTS:  The adjusted rate ratio (RR) of MS following GIDs in males was 6.63 (95% confidence interval (95% CI) = 1.81-17.01, p = 0.0002). The RR of MS following GIDs in females was 1.44 (95% CI = 0.47-3.37, p = 0.58).
CONCLUSION:  We report a strong association between GIDs and MS in male-to-females, supporting a potential role for low testosterone and/or feminising hormones on MS risk in males.

You can read the conclusions but further clear evidence for an inflence of sex hormones on suceptibility to MS, and is probably a major reason why MS occurs more commonly in females

CoI: Study by TeamG.


  1. Or is it psychological effects of being transsexual?

  2. So as a woman with higher testosterone due to hormonal imbalance I should be given female hormones?

  3. MD thank you for publishing this paper. So women in the low female hormones would have the same effect? Women with higher levels of testosterone would then also more susceptibility to MS?

    I'm still in doubt to go back to using contraceptives to still not be sure what their role in MS. Qunado had the outbreak that made me discover the disease I used an oral contraceptive low dose. I'm treating PMS (premenstrual tension) otherwise, and does not work my gynecologist said that already come with Fluoxetine ...

    1. I'll let DrK/ProfG comment hopefully before they go to Canada

  4. Thanks MD!

    I hope DRK and/or Prof. G read this my cometary and can answer me...


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