ClinicSpeak: how big is the MS closet?

Wow many more people with MS are concealing their diagnosis than I expected. #ClinicSpeak #MSBlog 

"The following are the preliminary result of our survey on the MS Closet. It is clear that MS remains a stigmatizing disease and people with MS tend to conceal the diagnosis from different parties. These results are an eye-opener for me as I didn't expect the MS closet to be so large and deep. As a society we really need to do something about this issue. For one I am going to add a new stop to my tube map of MS on the counselling line; I am considering naming it the 'stigma' or 'diagnostic concealment' stop."

Concealing your diagnosis of ms Barts-MS Blog Survey from Gavin Giovannoni

Holistic approach ms version 4.0 gg1 from Gavin Giovannoni

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