CongressSpeak & BrainHealh: European Neurological Association Meeting 2016 - Copenhagen

I am trying not to neglect my own brain health, but it is difficult. #CongressSpeak #ENA2016 #BrainHealth #MSBlog

"I am not a happy bunny; I am about to spend another weekend working, including bank holiday Monday. Monday is a holiday in the UK; it is called a bank holiday because the banks are closed. I had to get-up at 6am this morning to pack and travel to Copenhagen (still in transit) to attend the 2nd congress of the European Neurological Association (ENA). I am a bit frustrated that I didn't have to time for a run. On balance my brain health is suffering (sleep deprivation and too little exercise) and my personal wellness (not enough downtime). Saying that the ENA is an important meeting that can't be missed. Although it is not one of the 'big MS meetings', it is a meeting that a large number of general neurologists attend and is therefore an excellent forum to get across our 'Brain Heath: Time Matters' message. I will get at least three opportunities to discuss the policy document."

"I have uploaded the ENA programme for you to browse; if you search the document you will find the term 'multiple sclerosis is used 166 times, in other words there is a lot of activity in relation to MS at this meeting."

"I am involved with 8 abstracts; I will personally be presenting two. I will also be talking on one of the satellite symposia  on 'The time to act: optimising patient care'.  My talk is essentially a call to action and is underpinned by all the important issues presented in our 'Brain Health: time matters' policy document. I will upload my slides after the symposium."

"When I get back to London next week I will summarise the meeting for you and give you my highlights (post and pod-cast)."

"If you haven't done so already I would recommend reading our policy document and if you agree with it please pledge your support and sign-up for updates; we have a large programme of activities planned for this year all aimed at getting the policies front of mind and acted upon. The latter however needs support from the MS community, which includes readers of this blog. Thank you."

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