NeuroSpeak: calling all UK neurologists

If you are a UK-based neurologist please have your say on how you want MS services to be configured #NeuroSpeak #MSBlog

"My attendance at the ABN two weeks ago coincided with the temporary closure of the blog. At the meeting many of my colleagues asked what had happened to the blog. A surprisingly large number even admitted to reading it. I am not sure why, as this blog is mainly a resource for MSers and their families. However, if you are reading this post, which I have done on behalf of the MS Trust who asked me to use the blog to nudge you to respond to their survey. They are running a survey to find out how to configure MS Services in the UK. Less than 1 in 5 neurologists has completed the survey. As a teaser:
If you agree, or don't agree, please click on the link and complete the survey. It would be nice to get a quorum. I for one disagree with both these statements. I can't see why MS needs to be diagnosed by an MSologist; as time matters and MSologsists are in short supply why delay making a diagnosis? What is necessary, however, is to make sure the person who is being diagnosed receives the appropriate counselling and support. The diagnostic phase of the MS journey is one that haunts many MSers. In regard to DMDs only being prescribed by MSologists is bollocks. Why can't a well trained MS clinical nurse specialist make the call? They are usually closer to their patients than we are and can just as easily explain the pros and cons of DMDs and help their patients make the right decision. The days of neurologists, and doctors, being gate-keepers to prescription drugs is over. Do you agree or disagree? Don't tell me please complete the survey."

Click to complete survey

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