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"The following are pod-casts on my two poster presentations and my slides from the satellite symposium from the EAN in Copenhagen last week. The meeting was well attended, but as it is not a major MS meeting the audience is not necessarily the same as ECTRIMS or the AAN. On balance you are more likely to be talking to general neurologists rather than MS specialists, or MSologists. This is important as a large number of pwMS are being managed by general neurologists, hence the need for them to be updated on developments within the field."
"As the EAN is not a major MS meeting there was no 'new data' presented. I also spent the majority of my time writing a grant application and having research meetings. The poster sessions were a disaster; they EAN use so called ePoster sessions and each poster is only up for 3 minutes on a digital screen. Therefore you can't walk around the poster sessions and speak to the presenters at your leisure. In addition, the presentation hubs for the ePosters are adjacent to each other so each presenter has to shout to be heard. This made it very difficult to follow the presenters. I personally don't like, or support, the ePoster format; it destroys the social aspect of the typical poster session. I sincerely hope the EAN change the format for next year."

"As promised the following are my slides from the EAN satellite symposium. The content is self-explanatory. I not I am prepared to do a Hangout on this presentation and record it to YouTube."

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