NeuroSpeak: MS Symposium Aarhus

Still feeling the blues: down but not out! #NeuroSpeak #Brexit #Bremain #MSBlog

"Just returned from a long-weekend visit to Denmark. We had a celebratory, and long overdue, weekend with old friends in Aarhus. We spent the weekend in their cottage in a National Park; idyllic. As an extension to the weekend I visited the Department of Neurology, at Aarhus University Hospital, chaired a symposium on MS and gave a talk on the 'latest news in MS treatments and research'. This was my first talk to EU colleagues post the Brexit referendum and I felt very uncomfortable at the beginning of my talk. I felt slightly ashamed, I struggled to find the pride I usually have as being an advocate for British Academia, British Neurology and Barts-MS. I am still very restless with the blues post-Brexit. I understand how David Cameron must have felt last week when he met with the other 27 EU leaders. I am surprised at how calm and collected he was; he must have been feeling awful."

"I apologised for the Brexit result and mentioned to my EU colleagues that a legal challenge has been submitted in relation to the referendum. We suspect that new legislation will have to be drafted that will then have to be debated, and voted on, by both houses of parliament. I mentioned that based on this it is quite possible that our MPs will reject the referendum's advice and decide in the best interest of the UK and its peoples to stay in the EU. I explained to my audience how important staying in the EU would be for the NHS and particularly for people living with MS and other chronic disabling diseases. We are already beginning to see the impact of Brexit on NHS service provision, in particular staff retention."

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