Wednesday, 8 February 2017

TeamG gets Public Engagment Award

Well done to Alison and the Team for Winning 
Public Engagment Award. 

It is nice to see the College Recognise our Output

It is Nice to See also that 
Our College Values Public Engagment

Alison has been taking Digesting Science round the Country. 

I'm Dead Jealous, Not Because I never Win Any Prizes

Alison and Dr. Dickinson (Iron Maiden) at the Awards
I'll Celebrate with one of His Inventions :-)
If you want to celebrate and Enjoy Alison's Inventions
Please Contact US
Digesting Science is a set of activities that teach 6-12 year old children about Multiple Sclerosis


  1. Well done Alison :-)
    MD I'm trying to read your screen, is that ProfG post about cutting toenails?

    1. Yes, it is the dreaded toenail.
      The post was the about the next bombshell entitled... .... its a secret you'll just have to wait:-)

  2. I wondered what the connection was MD with Bruce Dickinson. He was given an honorary Doctorate of Music by Queen Mary.

  3. This one explains a bit more :) Interesting MD.

  4. Even though it's not in focus, I can see that you desperately need to clean your laptop, MD. Hygiene MD, hygiene.

    1. :o) Just thought I'd warn you before Prof G tells you off. (Or maybe his is worse?!)

  5. Well done Alison and The team !


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