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Could the state of your toenails allow us to determine how disabled you are? #ThinkHand #MSBlog

It has come clear me to me over the last week that the ability to cut your toenails, or not, may be a very good integrator of MS disability. To raise awareness over this issue I want to launch an 'art project'. The aim of the project is to continue to raise awareness, as part of our #ThinkHand campaign, about the importance of arm and hand function for pwMS. I want to collate a series of pictures of the toenails of pwMS and to relate it levels of physical disability. 

To participate please send us a picture of your toes, with some brief details about your MS and yourself. The pictures will be anonymised and only used as part of our #ThinkHand campaign. 

Please send  the following information with your picture to bartsmsblog@gmail.com

Sex: M/F
Disease duration:
EDSS:    (if you don't know your EDSS you can estimate it using our online calculator)
Are you able to cut your own toenails?:
   5 - Yes, easily without help
    4 - Yes, independently, but it takes longer than in the past 
    3 - Yes, independently, but it takes too long so I often get them cut by someone else
    2 - Yes, but I need help
    1 - No, I can't cut my in toenails
    0 - N/A, I have always had someone else cut my own toenails
Biography:  (this is optional please keep this brief)

Thank you

ProfG, the Cheerleader for #ThinkHand

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