Friday, 24 March 2017

Do Mice Have Paws? What have they got?

We have been requesting access to data from pharma relating to B cells and disease activity.  As we told you, we got kicked back by some of the Companies, 

This prompted ProfG to start a petition to ask 

Ely Lilly to release their anti-B cell in MS trial data 
(Click here to sign)

One of the bloggers to say the least was very angry at this and wrote "MD. I've a few old uni friends work for pharma (lovely people) but I've taken this a bit personally. I sincerely hope you get your paws (do mice have paws?) on this eventually. Keep writing the papers! And thanks for sharing them with us, ignore any criticisms I love your posts - they usually make me laugh too" 

Do mice have paws?

The answer is yes, and we already have or paws on something.

Why have we started writing about B cells?  

Check out the acknowledgement in our B cell paper

Memory B Cells are Major Targets for Effective Immunotherapy in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis :-)

FYI. We have moved up the command chain to by-pass Roadblock#1. 

It was poetry world day this week so

Whilst mice have paws ferrets have locking jaws:-)

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  1. One small step for this mouse ;-)
    I see mice do indeed have lovely little paws and that ferret has got his teeth firmly into something ;-)

    Veering off topic slightly (do I ever?) but ties with all the recent gardening posts spare a thought for Guy Watson at Riverford Organic Vegetables (Devon, UK) squaring up to face Big Pharma's evil cousin Big Ag.

    Big Ag probably make Pharma look absolute angels 0:-)


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