Devils Advocate

If you look at comments Yestersday in Dropping ProgG.s marbels.  We came up with a term LAL to describe some neurologists

May I suggest an alternative subliminal reason not to use alemtuzumab not because of high cost but because of high maintainence as people taken alemtuzmab have to be managed and have blood tests every month and urines every few month.

This will add to the costs and the neurologists will have to deal with the 50% secondary autoimmunities that may appear

Maybe it is they are simply being Lazy........Again:-)

Fear Not, I suspect an alternative that requires little monitoring is coming soon. 

Achtung alle fauler Neurologen.
Kladribin wird bald ankommen 
Es ist Deutsch. Prima!

Worried about Cost-Go Generic

CoI None (Apologies for Bad German, DrK corrections Bitte)