Is this the consultation?

Many people don't read comments. 

This weekend

ProfG wrote that he was told that "Consultants/specialists/MSologists are never wrong. Passivity is the name of the game and that in general people with a disease still hold their view that their neurologist knows it all and that they would never dare to question their authority"

He said "How do we tackle passivity and activate pwMS to ask the right questions?"

If someone hides from investigating their MS, which many people do, they will surely hope that Doc knows best.

How do we reach and engage them, this blog is never going to be be read by someone who doesn't want to know anything, Is it?

You asked 

"How do we train neuros so that patients' trust is not misplaced?"

Maybe we could teach them to read:-).

If a neuro actively reads they will learn.  

I wonder how many papers are read each week by our Neuros at Barts? I suspect the non-academics read fewer than the academic neuros? ...Survey Time?

What do they read?

Alison asked the question to a group of young London neurologists How many papers a week were read?

They were either shy, couldn't be bothered or the response was shocking.