Thursday, 27 April 2017

#PoliticalSpeak & #BrainHealth: can we shame MEPs?

The European Parliament sucks! #PoliticalSpeak #BrainHealth #MSBlog

The following is the EMSP report from our recent meeting at the European Parliament. The meeting was hosted by Cristian Busoi, an MEP from Romania, who was the only, and I really mean the only, MEP to attend. No other MEPs bothered to attend despite them being aware of the meeting and having many constituents in their countries with the disease. I wish we could name and shame them.

The report: 

My presentation:

The peogramme:


  1. Prof G, sorry to hear your presence was not acknowledged.
    what were the aim of the meeting and how are the MEPs supposed to help deliver ?

  2. Just another reason to celebrate Brexit. British people with MS will have a stronger voice in Westminster without any interference from Brussels.

    I have said many times before that most of the MEPs in Brussels have never done a decent day's work in their lives, your experience is in no way unusual.

    1. Nigel Farage - really? Well I suppose you don't have so much to do these days other than dining with Trump.

      I wouldn't bet on a UKIP flavoured Tory government in Westminster giving two hoots about people with disabilities. Look how many are having their motability vehicles taken away for a start - people with serious illnesses.

      Part of the Brexit lunacy - expecting oafs in a xenophobic backwater to do things any better and fairer than Brussels.

    2. Dre, the apparent socialist, is anti-EU. He's also pro-Trump.

      This is the type of post I wish he would comment on.

    3. Dre just has serious grumpy old man syndrome I think. He should drink more Horlicks.

    4. "British people with MS will have a stronger voice in Westminster without any interference from Brussels."

      What a load of ****. Regardless of Europe, since when did Westminster give a damn about people with MS or any other illness/disablilty for that matter? Westminster prefers to throw hundreds of millions of £ at Atos and Capita to carry out sham "medical assessments" denying benefits to those who really need it.

      I've recently had my PIP assessment following my diagnosis of PPMS - it was clear the so-called "health professional" who did the assessment knew nothing at all about MS. What a sick joke the whole process is.

    5. Anon 10:43 - I have PPMS with significant mobility and fatigue issues. The Atos rep who did my report _lied_ repeatedly in it and the result was my benefits were reduced. I got it overturned at a tribunal.

      Thankfully the SNP - following devolution of PIP - have done away with involvement of such private companies as Atos:

  3. Unbelievable. Why not name and shame? What a waste of money.


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