Google Hangout at ECTRIMS2017

   Ello Ello my little British Chums
Soon we will be swapping the "Stiff upper lip" for the "Land of  Joie de Vivre" as ECTRIMS moves across "La Manche" and ACTRIMS moves across "the Pond" to Paris 2017.

NGD will be swapping the G&T, for a glass of Pastis and Champers

Only Joking..........she'll give me a thump for saying that.....

However we will be back doing a Google Hangout Live to bring you meeting highlights and answering your questions.

So why not have a browse through the programme and tell us what you want to look at.

Send an email or write it below,

Ectrims actrims from BartsMSBlog

I've had a quick look through and know some of the places I'll be making a bee line to.....I can't wait to find out more about "Copaxone despot".....I mean glatiramer acetate depot. 

No sooner than you can say that using 40mg thrice a weeks is maybe not that inventive/novel compared to daily doses of glatiramer acetate  20mg dose we are now seeing "80mg depot". Not once a week, as I predicted.....but once a month.

Will it work and if it does what does it say about daily injecting.