Wednesday, 6 September 2017

#GuestPost & #ClinicSpeak: self-monitoring walking speed.

Are you up for monitoring your own walking speed? #GuestPost #ClinicSpeak

Summary: This guest post presents the results of a small validation study comparing the assessment of the timed-25-foot walk in clinic with that done at home by people with MS. 

A simple reminder about who I am. My name is Nicolas Dubuisson. I completed my medical training in Belgium and so far I am 3 years through my Neurology training, so well on the way to becoming a Neurologist. I joined BartsMS as an ECTRIMS Clinical Training Fellow to ProfG four months ago. I plan to stay with Barts team until October 2017.


  1. The white coat, is this a lab coat or a doctors white coat? I haven't seen a doctors white coat for a long time.

  2. It's a doctor's white coat. In Belgium, we are still using them :)

  3. i would love an update on this... self monitoring of not only walking speed but endurance (even for those wihtout excessive restrictions at this stage) would be really really useful.


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