#NeuroSpeak: biennial neuroinflammation meeting in Keele

How do we balance the risks and benefits of DMTs? #NeuroSpeak

I am on the train travelling to Keele to present a talk on the benefits and risks of DMTs. The challenge is getting the balance right and being able to communicate all the relevant information in 30 mins. Other restraints relate to the fact that it is a pharma-sponsored symposium so I can't talk about unlicensed products and my presentation has numerous disclaimers. 

The core message is that there is increasing complexity in the DMT space with several key attributes to take into account when personalising treatment decisions.  I note that as my talk has evolved on this topic I have dropped the section on the risks of not treating active MS. I should probably include this section in future so as not to upset pwMS who choose not to be treated with DMTs. Other versions of this talk have included slides on HSCT, which is a treatment option in the UK. 

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