Sunday, 17 September 2017

#ThinkSpeak: evolutionary medicine

The other day someone asked me about evolutionary medicine. This is such a good question, and on a topic so close to my heart, that I have decided to launch a  series of posts on this topic on the relatively new social media platform called Medium. Medium was set up by Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams. The philosophy that underpins Medium is one that I admire hence my decision to support it. A recent New York Times article explains what Medium is about. 

Giovannoni. Evolutionary Medicine. Medium 17-Sept-2017.


  1. Why are recent comments not loading at the bottom of the page..?

  2. Dont' know.... but looks like they are now

    1. Take that see them when you launch them but just got home from the lab and they are gone

    2. They're back is useless without them as you can't follow ongoing discussion.

      That is major problem with this format..all the old discussions don't develop and just fade away and can't be accessed.

  3. Dear L from Leicester
    "The truths will be out".......................
    The truth is you need to get some anger management and get a new hobby


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