#ChariotMS - Time for action

The latest news from our #ChariotMS Project

Chariot ms 4_ms-society_feb2018_4_slsh from Klaus Schmierer

For some time we have been talking about this trial which builds on a number of recent insights we feel quite strongly about. They are not only our own insights, of course; others have thought and worked hard too, and this becomes no less evident than by reading the list of collaborators, and their teams, colleagues and respective networks. So let's do it - MS Society, National MS Society, companies, beneficiaries, philanthropists - please read, comment and make it happen. Here's my email: k.schmierer@qmul.ac.uk

CoI: Our research has helped oral cladribine (Mavenclad) to a licence in people with relapsing MS. #ChariotMS will test injectable cladribine, we've used on a compassionate basis in people with progressive MS for the past three years.

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