#ClinicSpeak: Will MS Self-Rx become a reality?

Will I have enough hours in my day to curate the MS Tube map? #ClinicSpeak

Summary: A tentative start to curate the #ClinicSpeak posts into an MS self-management website.

I have been promising to launch a curation tool to help pwMS self-manage (self-Rx) their MS. It has been on my ToDo list for over 2-years. It comes up each year in my appraisal and gets moved to next year's ToDo list. My next appraisal is in a few week's time.

The idea is to curate all the #ClinicSpeak posts from the blog onto an easy to navigate website that can be read as you would a book and to hyperlink it to the MS Tube map with each stop on the line being linked to a particular web page or online resource. If I start now and do 2 or 3 links per day it will be completed within a few months (or years). Before proceeding can you please let me know your thoughts on this initiative? It is a very big project and I don't want to spend months doing it unless it will be used. As the map builds the stops will turn blue indicating that the stop is now linked to a completed web page.

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