Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Prof G and Barts MS win healthcare awards

The Barts MS team will go to ECTRIMS this week with a spring in our step. On Saturday night, we attended the Zenith Global Healthcare awards and won a Team Recognition award. Not only this, but Professor Giovannoni was awarded with a Lifetime achievement award. 

We were nominated by Trishna Bharadia, a (superstar) patient ambassador that we’ve known and worked with for a number of years - thank you so much Trishna for your nomination. 

At the award ceremony we were amongst some inspiring healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to furthering treatment and care for their patients.

Although not all of the team could be there to pick up the award, it is for everyone! The research team in the lab, the nursing team on 11D, the students and trainees who work with us throughout the year and also for you, our blog readers. Your continued support and encouragement keeps us on the right lines. 

We look forward to a productive week at the ECTRIMS conference where we look forward to sharing MS Research news with you. Check out what we’re going to be doing, and don't forget to tune into our Hangout on Friday afternoon.


  1. Who Is the guy with the long frizzy white hair? Is he an actor from Game of Thrones?

  2. Congrats and well deserved!
    I've a 'not allowed to retire' of those valuable and essential people in my life and the Bart's team are definitely on the list!
    Liking the hair MD 👍

  3. Ah nice to see Prof G get his lifetime achievement award. Time to retire and leave it to the young ones?

  4. Congrats Team G, more than deserved the prize


  5. BIG congratulations are in order. Thank you so much Prof. G and the entire Barts MS Team. As I have said many times. You folks have changed the world for 2.5 million patients and well in excess of 12+ million MS family members.

    You inspire us to overcome and say, "Yes we can!"


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