Changing Documents. Will it impact on changing practice?

All senior scientists who work in the University sector in the UK are being monitored for their output to determine whether they are of International standing and whether their work has any Impact.

Check this out to explain (CLICK. Performance culture is ruining scientific research), it's quite a sorry state of affairs.

What is Impact?

Does the work change clinical practice? or perhaps science practice or policy? 

Sometimes we have to remind you of the stuff we have done.

Does that Pop-Science Paper in the "Journal of Science Lemmings" cause thousands of scientists to use vast amounts of resource to work on a dead-end that gets them in High-impact journals with No-real Impact Science?

Don't believe me?

How much money went into debunking CCSVI?

And we were early on the ball there too (particularly DrK):

Yep and that's chicken feed compared to that spent on..............

and............. and................ Don't get me started:-).

Call me grumpy if you like.

Sometimes you can get small impacts like "Changing the treatment label of prescription drugs" and this was done from work that doesn't have to come from Nature or Science and can be done for next to nothing as Student/Junior Doctor Projects

Can you see the difference Below?

Wonder what caused this?

I can only guess :-)

Baker D, Herrod SS, Alvarez-Gonzalez C, Giovannoni G, Schmierer K. Interpreting Lymphocyte Reconstitution Data From the Pivotal Phase 3 Trials of Alemtuzumab. JAMA Neurol. 2017;74(8):961-969.

Dubuisson N, Baker D, Kang AS, Pryce G, Marta M, Visser LH, Hofmann WE, Gnanapavan S, Giovannoni G, Schmierer K. Alemtuzumab depletion failure can occur in multiple sclerosis. Immunology. 2017 Dec 16. doi: 10.1111/imm.12879. [Epub ahead of print]

So if Brian Cox can claim that more school children went to university to do physics because of him, we can have this piece of action and say that the existence of neutralizing antibodies is being acknowledged because of our work. 

It should have been acknowledged years and years ago.

Is this impact?

Well if screening for antibodies starts to occur, Clinical Practice will change:-). 
Hopefully, this will focus the mind of those with the data to publish it. Then we can see if having neutralizing antibodies is a problem for the 50% of people who may need a third cycle of treatment?