Here comes #ChariotMS. Or does it?

Is the #ChariotMS study worth funding? Is upper limb function worth saving in people with more advanced MS?

The objectives of our #ThinkHand awareness event, which we are hosting this Thursday night, is to celebrate hand function in people with MS and to promote #ChariotMS to the wider community.

It's all about you.

Do you believe #ChariotMS is worthwhile supporting?

Should some of the money spent on progressive MS be used to fund a UK wide study that may deliver real change for people with MS in wheelchairs, and within a defined time frame: five years.

This is how painfully long it will take to complete a clinical trial to test whether cladribine is effective not only in early/relapsing MS - we know it is highly effective there - but also in people with advanced MS. 

In six weeks, we will submit our funding application to the UK's NIHR to answer this question. We know, the NIHR will only fund a trial that is supported by the majority of pwMS and MS experts in the UK.

The feedback we have had so far was very constructive and positive, and we are thrilled many of our friends and colleagues have pledged to support the project and enrol people with advanced MS.

Now it's over to you (again) - what do you think? Please have a look at our outline and let us know.

Thank you!