How easy is it to design an algorithm to sequence DMTs?

Last week DrK and I joined an esteemed panel of academic neurologists (all male, unfortunately*) to discuss issues around the sequencing of DMTs.

*We need more women on platforms such this and other MS-related committees. The gender divide is very large in the field of MS. It is very embarrassing to me as a father and husband; my daughters and my wife are card-carrying feminists and every bit as capable as their male peers.  

The following is my presentation that many of you requested. You can download it from SlideShare.

Sequencing of DMTs is a very hot topic and increasingly relevant to how we select DMTs today. What factors do we need to consider when choosing DMTs to make sure it is safe to transition patients onto in the future? 

When making a choice of DMT have you asked your neurologist what drug x does do your future DMT choices? This is something that is becoming increasingly important when selecting DMTs. 

Please stop to think and to ask questions. 

Getting it right the first time is more important than you realise. 

Sequencing workshop treatment algorithm from Gavin Giovannoni


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