Urgent News Update: daclizumab is withdrawn from the market

The EMA has just announced that Biogen and Abbvie are pulling daclizumab from the market. Why?

On a recent trip to Goettingen in Germany, I was shown a handful of cases with eosinophilic encephalitis occurring shortly after starting daclizumab. The number of cases at that time was just 5, but it was sufficient for me to state that this must be the final nail in the coffin for daclizumab. Daclizumab has taught us a tremendous amount about the pathogenesis of MS, but with a large number of other DMTs on the market, it would be difficult to justify its use with its current, and emerging, safety profile. What daclizumab has taught us is the T-regs are probably not involved in the pathogenesis of MS and that the memory B cell is king. 


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