Digesting Science Ambassadors

The Digesting Science project has recently entered an exciting new phase.

You may already know that Digesting Science, created by members of the Barts-MS team in collaboration with parents and teachers with MS, is an award-winning set of educational activities, teaching families about the science behind MS through a practical and enjoyable event.

Last month, Alison and I held our first ambassador programme, to create an international team that will be working to spread the word about Digesting Science. Our new Digesting Science Ambassadors will encourage events to be organised in their area and let others know just how easy it is to run an event.

We were incredibly excited (and a bit nervous) to be welcoming our dream-team of twelve from:

Over two days, ambassadors learned how the kits were developed and some of the latest scientific research behind each of the activities. They met members of the Barts-MS team, as well as people who had attended events themselves, and the Digesting Science team. They developed their facilitating and logistical skills. And they discussed building a network to reach more families in their particular region. 

We opened the programme up to those who work with people affected by MS in any capacity, and we were excited to have such a varied set of skills and experience. The team included counsellors, nurses, therapy centre managers, physios and more.

We were lucky to have a really creative and enthusiastic group for our first ambassadors, and we look forward to seeing how they can move the project forward in their area.

Special thanks to ALL our ambassadors from far and wide. And to our lovely mums who came along to share their experiences with the trainees.

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