We need feedback on our new listeriosis prevention pack - can you help?

We've now developed our listeriosis prevention pack and would like 10 people to test it out and give us feedback to improve it further. 


We'll post a kit to you and would like you to open the pack, read through the information and give us feedback on the context, images, objects in the box and how you get in with it.

Why a listeria pack? 

Currently, all we have is a single advice sheet with only basic information. We hope that we can fully prevent any unnecessary infections and enable patients, their family and friends to dramatically reduce the risk of infection.

The Barts MS team have developed the information in the pack with a cross-disciplinary team involving a listeriosis expert, people with MS, designers and healthcare professionals who will deliver it.

These packs will be distributed to all patients prior to alemtuzumab treatment; please note these packs are not only for Barts Health patients; we plan to distribute them to other centres if they want them. 

You can read more about the background to the project on our previous funding page.

If your interested email me (a (dot) thomson@qmul.ac.uk) to get a kit sent to you.