Tuesday, 11 September 2018

ProfG and his cry for Action

ProfG says he is fuming and on the warpath.

Looks like the MS Society is too.

They want access to treatment for people with PPMS

If you do, Sign Up (CLICK HERE) Now and Speak Up

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  1. Is this an excerise in signature collecting?, as there are sites for petitions to get the UK government to debate issues.

  2. I've signed the petition, but I really think, instead of flogging this near-dead horse, it's time to petition for a phase 3 Ibudilast trial and to get some serious research going into neuro-protection and neuro-regeneration.

    That's the treatment *I* want for my PPMS, Ocrevus won't work for me (no enhancing lesions)

    1. Re: "Ocrevus won't work for me (no enhancing lesions)"

      This is not correct; ocrelizumab had effects in trial subjects with and without enhancing lesions, although it seemed to have a bigger effect in those with Gd+ lesions. Please note the study was not powered to answer this questions hence the p-values were not significant.

  3. Profs I don't understand- cladribine is going to be better for patients anyway..let's just wait for that and not help Roche get any richer than they already are.

    1. R: "cladribine is going to be better for patients anyway.."

      To answer this question it will need a head-2-head study, which is unlikely to get funded.

  4. Or ask Roche to negotiate the price of the drug- oh wait, we can't do that, because they will punish us with less researches for the next life-long treatment.

    Give all MS patients Rituxan and save the -same- budget for research instead.


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